Bio-toilet - Japanese technology

Envitech Corp is proud to be a strategic partner of Chodai Co Ltd in conducting the transferal of Bio-toilet technology from Japan to Vietnamese individuals and corporations such as Vietnamese Railways, Halong Bay in Quang Ninh, Ho Quang Phin elementary school in Dongvan district, Independence Park in Hanoi and plenty of households accross the country.

- With Bio-toilet technology, micro-organisims will decompose wastes into CO2 and steam. These are then returned to the material cycle without causing environmental pollution. Bio-toilet uses activated carbon to remove odors and implants beneficial micro-organisims on the surface of coal particles, so that they degrade water and inhibit harmful micro-organisims (if any).


Zoom in: Bio-toilet manufactured by Envitech Corp on Vietnamese railway




Envitech Corp is installing Bio-toilet on Vietnamese railway

Advantages of Bio-toilet technology:

- Saving water.

- Can be used in remote areas which are far from water sources because it has flexible design, is easy to operate and does not need complicated  water pipes.

- Avoiding discharge, enabling hygienic handling, not causing water pollution thus preventing diseases and reducing the risks of adversely affecting human health.

- Wastes after bio-degradation can be collected and used to produce fertilizers. Bio-toilet composts can increase yields by 10-15% compared to chemical fertilizers, thus help increasing farmers' profit.

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